Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today we tried our best to contribute to "Musikhjälpen's" collection of money to refugees all over the world. A great initiative that we really want to support.
We did what we have done som many times before ... busked. Usually it's summer when we play on the streets, and not freezing cold, but it felt like a natural part of our aid to people who suffer a lot more than that.
67 million people around the world flee from war and natural disasters, so freezing for a few hours felt like the least we could do. Anyway we managed to collect 1667 Swedish Kronor!

After playing outside we also got to play in the studio, and we tried a new song from our coming album. Hope you liked it!

Monday, December 15, 2008

One week...

It's the last week in the studio before Christmas break.
We are so tired today, so maybe we really need a holiday.
Per is editing Lisa's chorus-vocal on "Awakening", so that we can sing some harmonies. We have to listen through all the takes, decide what line is best on what take and put it together to one great lead. Then it's up to the rest of us to sing our harmonies with exactly the same timing as the lead voice.

The four of us sit in the sofa and stare at Per's son Max, who is playing drums, putting spells on us, showing us his books, slides like a cool racing driver down the oval window frame, and talks, and talks and talks. He's very cute and just the entertainment we need to not fall asleep.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Calaisa's playlist

Check out Calaisa's favourite videos on "my playlist".

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A rainy afternoon

Outside the rain is poring down. Inside the music is flowing.
We're finishing 3 songs this week, so that we can send them to people we work with and give them a clue of what we've been up to the past 3 months.
Three songs finished, 10 to go, and it feels really good. We will record 13 songs even though not all of them will end up on the record. But we want to have something so choose from, and it's good to have some extra material for other purposes.

It has been a long process and we're not at all in the end of it, but we're starting to see the finishing line.
It wont be easy for us to pick the first single, but hopefully someone who hasn't been living with the songs for years can listen with another ear. We should have a few potential single-songs.
Keep your ears open in the start of next year.

The website is getting ready to be opened. We're working on the last bits and pieces, like a proper biography, and what pictures to use, and so on. But soon...