Thursday, March 26, 2009

...and some more recording

We're back in the studio...or did we ever leave :)

Now we are making some accoustic versions of a few songs. Everybody together in the recording room. We are starting to get on each others nervs after months in the studio, but we are getting there!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Poetry and Brainstorming

We are trying to find a good name for the record. Searching through all our lyrics and our history of experiences.
The easy way out, a self titled album, has already been used for the last record. It made a lot of sense back then, when we were a debut artist, and people needed to take in the word Calaisa first and foremost, but now we are well established and the fantasy has to flow.
The process is quite fun, and we laugh a lot to all the crazy ideas hopping out of our mouths. We have many suggestions, but there's four of us, and we have to agree, which will probably not be too hard when someone comes up with the perfect title. It will just feel right in the stomach.