Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mölle 1

As a good almost-end to our summer tour we played in Malmoe last Saturday. Tent number 1 at Mölleplatsen was crowded with expectant Calaisa fans, and the feeling of walking up on the stage was incredible. This must be kind of what we have been dreaming of for so long, a venue filled with people who are there only to see us, and they sing along with the lyrics!

Playing infront of tens of thousands of people in England, supporting Simply Red was of course a great experience too, but having your own fans is far better!
And thanks to the fabulous support from everyone at the Malmoe festival Concert, we probably did one of our best gigs ever!

The Summer tour is comming to an end and we will play our last gig in Umeå Wednesday August 29. Feels a bit sad! Not to play in Umeå, but that it's our last gig for some time.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A country duet

Supporting Carlene Carter was a very nice experience, much because of the fantastic arena. You will not get the right impression by looking at "Dalhalla" on a picture, you have to be there. It's an extraordinary feeling to stand on the huge stage a few hundered meters down in the ground, surrounded by rock walls, with a little lake infront of the stage and a thin catwalk connecting the stage and the audience. One of the coolest arenas we have played at, for sure.

Dispite the rain, which seems to have followed us on this whole tour, people enjoyed our performance in their raincoats.
The concert ended with "Will the circle be unbroken" performed by Carlene and Calaisa together. A real country classic.