Saturday, May 24, 2008

Calaisa Supporting

Ok... we have to add two gigs to our nice little list this summer, and not any two gigs... The 7th of June Calaisa will be entering the stage in Globen, Stockholm, to support Celine Dion!!!
We found this out yesterday, and couldn't be happier. Only playing in Globen is pretty cool, and doing it on the same stage as Celine Dion is even better.
After the gig we go with her to Helsinki to do a performance there as well.
Looks like this summer can become a really good one. Great gigs, a trip to L.A and a record in the making.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The summer is coming up! Since we are busy working in the studio we will not go on a huge tour all over the place. But we can't help playing some places, one of them is "Läckö slott" together with Magnus Uggla and Jill Jonsson, another one is at the Summer rock in Svedala. For our few but important gigs we are now workning with our sound engineer Peter, at his studio, getting the show together.
It's nice to gather the whole band and develop the live performance, and we're slowly but surely getting used to the in-ear-systems. However our last rehearsal was interrupted suddenly when, in the middle of a song, smoke started to come out from Caisa's bas. It had caught fire, and even though we tried everything, it simply refused to work. Caisa could choose between burning or stop playing. The choice was quite easy. We had some coffee instead.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


We have not vanished into thin air, we have just been very busy. That's why you haven't heard from us in a while now, at least not here in the blog.
With yesterday's concert, here in Malmö, a lot of time-consuming work is over. We had decided to give our Malmö audience something extra, and wanted to play some of our new songs. That always means hard work. It's one thing to play the new songs in the rehearsal room, but a totally other thing to play them as good as the songs we have been playing for a long time, and under pressure, in front of 500 people!
It's up to those present to judge, but to us it felt really good, and it felt like people liked our new material.

Now that this gig is successfully done we can focus on recording the new stuff properly, and slowly but surely make our way towards a second album.

Tomorrow two of us are going to SVT (Swedish television) to record a show that will be broadcasted this fall. We are supposed to play and talk about 5 of our favorite music videos, and I think the show is called "My playlist" or something like that. Looking forward to it.