Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today we tried our best to contribute to "Musikhjälpen's" collection of money to refugees all over the world. A great initiative that we really want to support.
We did what we have done som many times before ... busked. Usually it's summer when we play on the streets, and not freezing cold, but it felt like a natural part of our aid to people who suffer a lot more than that.
67 million people around the world flee from war and natural disasters, so freezing for a few hours felt like the least we could do. Anyway we managed to collect 1667 Swedish Kronor!

After playing outside we also got to play in the studio, and we tried a new song from our coming album. Hope you liked it!


Kristina said...

Vi gillade den verkligen. Det var lite Jack Johnson-känsla på den och det gillar vi! Men så klart lät det allra mest som er själva. Ni var underbara! Speciellt Caisa :-) Pussar till er
/Kristina, Jon och Noel

Anonymous said...

Jag ÄLSKADE den låten.. :P

Anonymous said...

Ja, verkligen bra. Vad hette låten?