Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mix Megapol

Tomorrow morning around 8 we will be visiting Mix Megapol, Malmö, as the last thing of our release-week-promotion-marathon.

Last Wednesday we left Stockholm for Gothenburg where Ricky from EMI was waiting with his minivan. He drove us around to radio stations and newspapers in the area.
On the Thursday, after visiting Mix Megapol and Radio P4, we drove down to Malmö with a short stop at Skivlagret, Helsingborg.
In the evening we threw our second Releaseparty!!!
We had a great night and it felt so good to be back home celebrating with our families, friends and fans.

This weekend has been full of signings and radio, and so tomorrow morning... our last radio interview, for now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bengans Göteborg

Today 17.30 we will be at Bengans in Gothenburg, playing some songs and signing our new CD that came out Today!
Drop by if you're in the hoods!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The day after

Yesterday's releaseparty at "Lilla Hotellbaren". A crowded house and a great night! Only a little too long for todays early interviews.


Signing records and playing at Bengans, Stockholm.

Malin's new sweetheart. A Gretsch! From -64. What a beauty... meaning the guitarr.

Interview with DN

Tomorrow we are going to Gothenburg to do some radio, newspapers, and a signing at Bengans.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Releasefest Stockholm

Vi släpper vårt andra album och firar med Releasefest!
Vi vill gärna ha våra fans med på festen och bjuder därför in till:

Lilla Hotellbaren, Scandic Malmen, Stockholm, den 25/5 kl 18.30

De första 20 som mailar in en bekräftelse till hamnar på VIP-listan!
Glöm inte att märka mailet Releastest + Stockholm

Hoppas vi ses!

Friday, May 22, 2009


After being quoted in Lantz in Radio P4 today, I'm now a bit more careful with my choice of words here in the blog :)

We've had a great day in Stockholm, with one webb-TV interview, an interview with Metro, a visit to Lantz's radio show and finally an interview with Annika Jankell for her show P4 Premiär next Saturday.
We left Malmö 6.50 this morning, to go to Stockholm for a few days. On Monday we'll celebrate the release of "Grafton Street" with a big Release Party!
Come celebrate with us at "Lilla Hotellbaren", Scandic Malmen, 7 pm.

See us in Nyhetsmorgon on Sunday between 9 and 11.30. Mail in your questions to and win a copy of our new album "Grafton Street".

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Calaisa signerar

For you Swedish fans:

Nu är det nära release för vår nya skiva!

Kom och se oss spela och få ditt ex av Grafton Street signerad!

26/5 17.30 Bengans, Drottninggatan 20, Stockholm.

Onsdag 27/5 17.30 Bengans, Stigbergstorget 1, Göteborg.

Torsdag 28/5 17.30 Skivlagret, Väla, Helsingborg.

Fredag 29/5 18.00 Skivlagret, Center Syd, Löddeköpinge.

Lördag 30/5 13.00 Skivlagret, Entré, Malmö.

Söndag 31/5 13.00 Skivlagret, Jägersro, Malmö

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


We're exhausted after many hours of promotion.
Our day started at 9.15 this morning with Sydsvenskan, and went on and on and on and on. It's not so much spending a whole day with different journalists, which can actually be really nice, it's more the fact that you get sooo tired of hearing your own voice saying the same thing over and over again. It's a good thing there's four of us so that we can split up and take a break a little now and then.
After the interviews we went to Annica at "Ninii" to pick up some clothes that we are going to use these coming weeks. We have used Ninii clothes before on some of our photo shoots and like the design very much. Now we needed some cool new stuff to put on, because we have a lot of promotion ahead of us, and it's always nice to look good. At Ninii we also met Helena from "Littel Green Story" who provided us with some ecological t-shirts, so now we're fit for fight.

This weekend we drove to Karlskrona to rehears our show before the two release parties and our gigs in TV. Our sound engineer and one of our drummers, are based in Karlskrona, and we found that reason enough to go visit the beautiful east coast, have a barbecue and hang out.
It was such a nice feeling being back in the rehearsal room and work with the songs outside the studio. We worked the whole day and ended up with real nice live versions of each song.
On this production rehearsal we focused on the 6 songs we are going to be playing now.
In June we will have another big rehearsal and work out a full consert for this summer's gigs.

Check out:
Lanz i P4 Friday 11.00
Nyhetsmorgon Sunday
Releasparty at "Lilla Hotellbaren", Stockholm Monday 25/5 7.00 pm
Releaseparty at "Operagrillen", Malmö Thursday 28/5 8.30 pm