Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Las week was all about traveling Sweden up and down.
We started with a vacation/small gig at the "Marinan" in Grisslehamn, where Lisa and Caisa's father have a summer house. Grisslehamn is in "Stockholms skärgård" and a beautiful place to sunbathe, swim and have barbecue on the rocks. We have been there many years now and the trip always ends with a gig at the local restaurang "Marinan".
The day after we took the plane to Piteå, to play at "Piteå dansar och ler". We played at the Crocodile stage at 10.30, and went to the artist's party afterwards.
Next day, way too early, we took the plane, an another plane down to Falkenberg to play at "Stålboms café". Stålbom's café is probably one of our favorite venues. It's a beautiful café with a stage in the garden in front of a smaller outhouse. The garden was full of people, but everyone was sitting close to the stage and the gig became really intimate and personal. A really great gig!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A northern experience

Back from Järvsö, 2 cables short and many mosquito bites richer. It was indeed a beautiful place, worth the long journey, and quite a few happy, northern fans showed up to see us play as the finishing act of "Älvdansen". Great to see you!

We are aparently getting old, which became very obvious to us yesterday. During sound check a young guy walks up to the stage, turns to Lisa and says (and this has to be written in Swedish because it sounds SO much funnier then):
"Ursäkta damen, men kommer ni spela någon polka?"

OK we are getting closer to 30, but come on...... "Damen"?!?!

The other three of us had a really hard time keeping a straight face as Lisa ignored the insult and kindly told him that unfortunately there wont be any polkas!

As ladies we did not go to the disco tent after the gig, to hang out with the teenagers, but went to the hotel bar instead. It felt more right at that moment.
Today we feel young and vital again!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Kristianstad and Järvsö

We thought this summer would be a soft one, since we decided to focus more on an autumn tour instead of a summer tour. But it turns out we have quite a lot to do anyway, which is nice.
It’s fantastic to be back on stage with the new songs, and we have so much new energy and inspiration. We have added a few instruments, simplified the arrangements and are now collaborating with the set list.
Yesterday in Kristianstad it felt like we found a great order of the songs. Except for the little power cut in the middle of the first song ☺ the concert felt really good.

Tomorrow we are off to Järvsö, to play at ”Älvdansen”. Järvsö is supposed to be a beautiful place so we look forward to it.

Pictures from Peace & Love, Borlänge