Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Click track in the guitar mics!

So we have to redo the guitars on one of the songs.
Then some percussion on the songs we didn't do yesterday.
Then I actually think we are done here!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last evening in London, and we have just had a fantastic meal, cooked by Nicolaj. Something Moroccan with chicken and couscous. Very delicious.
Before we go back to the hotel and sleep we are going to record a song with only piano and vocals. It needs the good vibe of tonight since it's supposed to be a one take.

Earlier this evening we have done some percussion and keyboards.

Monday, May 24, 2010


 hell here in London! Must be some kind of record. We're sweating away in the studio.
It was nice to have the weekend off, and we spent Saturday on Portobello market and Sunday in Kensington Gardens.
Lisa's boyfriend Kim came to visit yesterday and are staying with us until we go home on Wednesday.
Today we are listening through all the tracks, making sure the bass, guitars and drums are as we want them.
We're also making a string arrangement for the last song. Three songs got strings last week. After that it's almost only the vocals and electric guitars left, and we have booked the flights home. It's gonna be so nice to come home and get some clean clothes and sleep in our own beds, with half a great album under the pillow :-)

Friday, May 21, 2010

a visit

Yesterday we had a dear visit from our old drummer Cherisse Osei. She had a day off from her Mika-tour and could come over to the studio and say hi. We miss her and hope that we will have a tour in England soon so that we can play with her again.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guess the picture...

We have invented a competition during the many hours of waiting in the studio.
It can help lighten up even the darkest of moments...
This is two of the best pictures.
What is it?

Recording strings

Almost 2 weeks in Kensaltown studio and it's starting to sound like a really good record. Of course we haven't started on the vocals yet, and we are planing on doing that in Malmö this summer with Per, but the music is falling into place.
The past two days we have recorded some strings and some great organs and keyboards. Fun fun fun!

We have decided to stay until Wednesday next week to finish everything.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


8 songs are tracked and we have made a little break for lunch; Nikolaj's Danish rye bread with egg and mackerel. Then we are going to track the ninth song.
Tracking means nailing the drums and the base, after that Lisa and Malin go down to the little studio downstairs and do the guitars. But while tracking though we sit everyone together and play the songs, so that we get the same feeling and know what every instrument is going to play.

Monday, May 10, 2010


 London this week and the next to record our third album.
It sounds crazy that we're already on our third album, but when you've got the flow you might as well go with it, and after working on and off in Tambourine for half a year, we never really stopped writing and producing new songs. So we figured a new album would be the right thing to do.

We arrived yesterday and met with the Suppliers, the four Danish guys producing the album together with us. The idea was to go through the songs and rehearse them a bit before todays recordings, but we ended up just drinking coffee and chatting. Instead we rehears one song, and when we've found a good version we hit record. That way we'll manage to track two songs a day, and then we can use next week for overdubs.

We have just had lunch and are starting on song number two now...