Saturday, September 11, 2010

Late night at Tambourine

We called poor Fredrik yesterday for a quick last minute session in the studio before our meetings in Stockholm Monday and Tuesday next week. As usual he helped us out, and we brought him some wine to make it a proper Friday night for him, although working.

We're going to Stockholm to present our 3rd album to a bunch of record companies and publishers, to see if we can find a partner for the release.
Our first album was released on a MAJOR record company with a proper artist deal where the label pays for everything, owns everything and also earns everything.
The second album was released on our own record company (a co-operation with Tambourine studios), where we own all the rights to the recordings, but have to pay for everything ourselves. That meant a lot of hard work, and some worry.
The question is what model we will use this time. The album is finished (almost), but the rest... ? Exciting!

Well the album isn't really done yet, and we're actually going back to London to finish it. We still have some harmonies to sing and then the whole mixing part. Can be nice to hang out in London, sing a few lines and listen to some mixes. And nice to close the project and hear the final result.
More about that later.

Alain, the French festival arranger

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Champagne, café au lait, cheese and croissants!
We're playing at a festival in Chaumont and are staying a couple of extra days to enjoy France.
Yesterday evening we did the gig in front of a full crowd, and today we started with a little wine tour visiting "Christian Péligri" where they make Champagne. We got to taste and buy some really good Champagne.
It's very difficult with the language, since none of us speak French. We try though, not always with a good result; Anna started the show yesterday by saying "au revoir"! (For you, who like us don't know French it means goodbye.)
It's really easy to mix up the phrases!

On our way back from the wine tour we drove past a record atempt in amount of tractors on one field.