Monday, December 15, 2008

One week...

It's the last week in the studio before Christmas break.
We are so tired today, so maybe we really need a holiday.
Per is editing Lisa's chorus-vocal on "Awakening", so that we can sing some harmonies. We have to listen through all the takes, decide what line is best on what take and put it together to one great lead. Then it's up to the rest of us to sing our harmonies with exactly the same timing as the lead voice.

The four of us sit in the sofa and stare at Per's son Max, who is playing drums, putting spells on us, showing us his books, slides like a cool racing driver down the oval window frame, and talks, and talks and talks. He's very cute and just the entertainment we need to not fall asleep.

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Emelie said...

Åh vad jag längtar tills jag kan lyssna på Awakening varje dag!

Ni har verkligen gjort ett fantastiskt jobb i höst och jag hoppas att ni får en riktigt härlig jul. Mys nu ordentligt i soffan med raggsockar, en filt och massor av godis.