Monday, September 29, 2008

New week in Tambourine

Bengt is done with his job, what a great drummer he is! and Calaisa and Per will probably spend this week going through everything we recorded last week, and find the best versions. At least that's what we've been doing today.
We started with the last song we recorded, "I'm not afraid" (working title), a song written a few years ago, that has stayed with us.
Wednesday evening last week we stuck around in the studio, only the four of us, to jam a little on drums, bas, electric guitar and acoustic guitar, and happened to create a nice version of the song, which Per and we liked so much that we recorded it on the Friday.
This time Anna played the drums herself, without Malin's help, so still no more funny drum videos. :)
Malin took the electric guitar instead, Lisa the acoustic, and Caisa the bas.

It feels really good when we can sit together in one room and record the whole background together. There is a certain thrill when you work like that, because the sound is dependent on everyone to play tight and correct at the same time. If you make a mistake, you ruin it for everyone, and you all have to do the whole song again.

On our last album we also recorded the backgrounds together at the same time, but in separate rooms, so that if you did a mistake you could just correct it in another take, without the others being affected.
This new way might take longer, but the result is very sincere recordings with a nerve, and we kind of like that.

Hopefully by the end of this week we can start recording some vocals, fiddle and other overdubs.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First week is to an end

We did get some work done too...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in the studio

Yesterday we started working in Tambourine studios again, together with our producer Per Sunding, and the drummer Bengt Lagerberg. Bengt plays the drums in Cardigans, and we borrowed him to play on our record, since we like his drumming-style very much. It's also important for us to develop our sound, and we wanted to see what he could add to our music. It feels really good so far, and it sounds great.
So that's it then, no more funny drum-videos!

Our days this week look like this:
At 10 am we meet in the studio and after a nice cafe latte we go to the control room to listen through the record of demo songs we’ve recorded during the year.
When we have agreed on what song to work with that day, we go to the recording room to rehears the song. Per listens in the control room, and gives us feedback on what we do. It may take hours before we have worked something out, but finally we have a version worth recording.
At 4.30 pm we call it a day.

So far we have recorded one song, or the background to one. (The singing and other overdubs will be done in a later stage.)
Tomorrow we will start with the recording of a song we worked on today, but didn't have time to record.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Thank you!!!

Thank you everyone who came to Jakriborg today to be part of our music video. We were touched to see that so many people showed up, and that you were so committed and managed to give us energy even though you heard us play the same song over and over again :)
I think we all did a really good job!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Jakriborg and more video!

Glöm inte att göra en liten utflykt till Jakriborg på Söndag 7 Sep mellan 13.00 och 16.00 och se oss spela på gatan för vår nya musikvideo.

From last weekend's video shoot. Getting ready for our first shaky ride with the difficult car :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Video is fun

We try to film and document everything we do with Calaisa's little video camera. Since we have spent quite some time together and traveled very much, that means a LOT of videotapes.
While we are waiting for that other music video to get ready, we went through all the filmed material, and cut our own little video.
It takes many hours to cut a video, but it's so much fun.
Here it is:

Stop along the way

Monday, September 1, 2008


It's 9 pm and an exhausted band is laying half dead in their beds at Radisson hotel in Stockholm.

The weekend was fun but really tiring. We started filming as the sun rose and ended when it set. Between dusk and dawn we drove around in a borrowed Volvo duett from -68, shooting millions of video scenes.

The old car was really beautiful, but the comfort wasn't the best. It was almost as if the tailpipe was inside the car, power steering wasn't invented in the 60s so you really had to work hard in the bends, and the seat belts stuck while you had them on so that you couldn't move an inch (if they worked at all). So by the end of the day we were high on gas fumes, all stiff in the arm muscles and motion sick from the bumpy rides, but then that's the charm with old cars.
I must admit I missed Adde! (see below) :)

This morning we set the alarm on 5 am, again! to take the train to Stockholm where we are staying this whole week to write new music. Today we have been working with Staffan Hellstrand, which led to a song that we are quite satisfied with. We have just listened to the recording we did by the end of the writing session, and it feels really good. Maybe we will record it when we start at Tambourine September 15.
Staffan is very talented and a great songwriter, and the combination Calaisa/Hellstrand felt good. I don't think we ever wrote a song that fast before, one that is also good.

Tomorrow we are going to Lilla Essingen to write songs with Tobias Fröberg. Our expectations are high because we have heard what Tobias has done before. Hopefully we will go home to Malmö with a few more good songs.