Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A rainy afternoon

Outside the rain is poring down. Inside the music is flowing.
We're finishing 3 songs this week, so that we can send them to people we work with and give them a clue of what we've been up to the past 3 months.
Three songs finished, 10 to go, and it feels really good. We will record 13 songs even though not all of them will end up on the record. But we want to have something so choose from, and it's good to have some extra material for other purposes.

It has been a long process and we're not at all in the end of it, but we're starting to see the finishing line.
It wont be easy for us to pick the first single, but hopefully someone who hasn't been living with the songs for years can listen with another ear. We should have a few potential single-songs.
Keep your ears open in the start of next year.

The website is getting ready to be opened. We're working on the last bits and pieces, like a proper biography, and what pictures to use, and so on. But soon...


HippieRune said...

Hej kompis! Hur går det med musikvideon som vi var med och spelade in i Jakriborg för ett tag sedan? När och var kan vi titta på den?


Rune och Sune

Calaisa said...

Hej Rune och Sune
Videon håller på att finslipas just nu, men det kommer nog att dröja ett tag innan den visas. I samband med skivsläppet nästa år blir det nog.
Håll ut!