Friday, April 24, 2009

We Sing The Same Song

Our new single is out on Radio.
Make them play it as much as possible by asking for it!

Listen to the song

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Busy day

Yesterday was all about driving around town in our (Anna's) little red car, visiting TV shows and other things.
We started at "Sopstationen" where the show "Sverige" is being recorded. It's a big second hand store down in the harbour where they sell everything from the pair of green wellies Caisa found for 10 kr, to old flowery couches. They had created a small stage for us on a rug between the coffee bottles and the porcelain, and we played two of our new songs, "We sing the same song" and "Hitchhiker of hearts" and did a short interview.
After that we drove to the SVT building on the other side of town, to visit the TV show "Eftersnack". We played our single again, and did a nice, long interview partly together with Maja and Jesper from The Sounds.
You can watch "Eftersnack" on this link:

As a great finish to a good day we went to the video makers and checked out the result of our dirt crawling this Monday; a muddy video!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Single release and Video Shoot

We are releasing our first single to radio this week "We sing the same song"!!! Keep your ears open in the car!
A new single calls for a video, and after finding two crazy guys who could do that for us, we shot it yesterday, out in Malmoe's country side.
We did the usual "video preperation", trying to look as good as possible, but that didn't last very long... the whole day was spent in a cold, dirty pond together with spiders and other bugs, and the smell was horrible...

Even though we all agreed on Never Ever doing it again, we had so much fun!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Farewell Tambourine!

We are out of the studio, for real and for a long time now.
As a matter of fact it's not even available anymore, there's a new band recording... in our studio, with our producer, sitting in our chairs, drinking our coffee!
A bit sad actually. We have become used to going to work at Tambourine every day, and now that we are done, we are a bit confused. Not that we don't have work to do, because we do! Trust me! There's a lot of things to be done when you're starting your own record company, releasing your first album on your own.
During the last couple of weeks we have had to decide on many things; cover-picture, what song that should be the first single, how many songs on the album, the name of the album, titles for each song (not always given), and then I'm not even mentioning the technical stuff that comes with a release, like the legal things, and all the strange codes you need.

Even though we are out of the studio we still aren't totally done with the record. There are still one more song to be mixed by Michael Ilbert in Berlin. The second last one just arrived on e-mail, we have listened to it, got back to him with our opinions, and will probably have a second version very soon.
On Thursday the 10 songs will be mastered in Stockholm, which makes the creative part of the record done. So by then we have to agree on a sequence.
This is not an easy task. It has to feel totally right going from one song to another, tempo-wise, key-wise and mode-wise. We have had 7 different suggestions, but are now down to 2.

The release date is still set for May 27, and the single will go to radio in the middle of April.
Before that; a video, getting the booklet finished with pictures, lyrics, credits and thanks, and last but not least manufacturing the physical CD. Then we will have the treasure in our hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to hit the roads and start playing the songs!