Monday, June 28, 2010


On our way now to Tambourine to spend two weeks recording vocals.
Two weeks of turning yourself inside out, pouring your heart out on the floor, overcoming fears and pushing limits. No pressure, but it's really all about vocals. A record is never better than the vocals.
The music that we did in London has been mixed roughly and sent to Per so that we can sing to those backgrounds. It'll be really interesting to hear what Per has to say about the songs and the productions. Hopefully he will add an extra thing to each song.

We'll try to keep you updated between takes.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Album number 3

I'm listening to the first three rough mixes from London that have just arrived.
We've been back in Sweden a little more than a week and besides a quick trip to Stockholm for a corporate gig, life has been quite soft.
The 2,5 weeks in London feels far away already, but listening to the songs brings you right back;
The fresh grounded coffee, the smell of paint from the hallway, Chris's funny stories, Nikolaj's amazing cooking, the other Nikolaj behind the organ, Dyre's salt penguins and his control over the mixer board, "Curb your enthusiasm", Village Inn, Svante playing the Theremin, Portobello market, the boiling hot studio room with the green windows, and the many late nights with red wine from Sainsbury's.

We had a great time in Kensaltown studio. It was really nice to get to know the Suppliers and to work so close with them. They are four talented songwriters, producers and musicians, who helped us take our music another step forward.
They are also great people (being Danish and all), that we've enjoyed hanging out with.

It felt a bit sad to leave, there's something special about the way you work in a studio and the life you live while recording an album. The satisfaction of being 100% creative and allowing yourself to be totally absorbed by arrangements, melodies and sounds.

Our suppliers