Friday, March 12, 2010


When you're in different parts of the world it's so great with Internet.
After a long break with sun and skies, we are now picking up work again, starting with a conference call over Skype.
We need to decide how to move on with our music this spring.
Late last year we started working with a studio in London, which so far led to two recorded songs in February. Now we are talking about continuing the cooperation, and maybe record a whole album in Kensaltown Studios. But then there's our "home" Tambourine studios, where we love to record and hang out, only a stone's throw away from our apartments.
It's a difficult decision. London or Malmö, Hotel or Home, Danish or Swedish producers, Coffee or Espresso...

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DALTON said...

Tuffa val!!
Här är en enkel lösning, Christoffers "The Aerosol Grey Machine studio"! (ett Lennart Forth Arbete det också) Inte i malmö, inte i london, men väl nära och bra på en gammal bonagår i skåne!
Check it out
Och som producent Calaisa,laddade med svart bryggkaffe.
Se där, alla poblem lösta! :)