Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's really winter here in Sweden! Everyone from north to south is complaining over the snow, and Calaisa is dealing with it by taking a few weeks off.
Lisa is snorkeling in Thailand, Caisa is skiing in France, Malin is home in Stockholm, and Anna is holding the fort in Malmö, waiting for the baby to come!
Luckily we have the Olympic Games to enjoy every evening and with Sweden's 4 gold-, 2 silver- and 2 bronze medals it's really a savior.

If you want to experience something else than sport, and you live close to Stockholm or Copenhagen, we can recommend a great concert;
Imogen Heap at Nalen on Friday 26/2 or Pumpehuset on Saturday 27/2. Go see if you can!

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Emelie said...

Oj vad ni är ute och far, hoppas att ni har det supermysigt allihopa! Och Anna, vad himla spännande!! En extra kram till dig!