Wednesday, October 28, 2009


London day one - We split up in two groups, Caisa and Anna with Nicolai, Malin and Lisa with Chris. Both Nico and Chris are Danish, but even though we speak almost the same language we communicate with eachother in English for some reason. It seems better while in England.
Anyway, the first day we started writing one song each in the two groups. It's kind of hard when you first sit down with a total stranger. You don't know how that other person works and what he likes, so you're kind of careful and try to listen much to what he has to say. This might mean that it takes very long to get somewhere, and so it did. By 8pm we called it a day, and had two half finished songs.

Day two - The two groups melt together to one big group, and we finished both songs, recorded them around one mic, and went to the pub to celebrate.

Day three, today - We stayed one big group and wrote another song that we are going to record tomorrow. The day ended on Top Shop, and off course Wagamama. We are a bit monotonous, but it's dam good.

Tomorrow after work we are invited to a concert in Notting Hill gate.

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