Sunday, October 25, 2009


We're back in London again... and off course we went straight to Wagamama to have a good Ramen. Everything is as i should.
Tomorrow 11.30 we will head to the studio and empty our heads of all the great hit songs we have in there... hopefully.

Sibel, our documentary maker is also in London to follow us with the camera.


DALTON said...

Härligt, då blir det alltså ett tiotal nya spjut att framföra till den 5:e ,väl?

Anonymous said...

Let yourself be inspired by your first album. It was (and still is) a great album that defined you as a group.

I hope you are going to write most of your lyrics and not let other writers do that for you. The lyrics defines you as persons and reflects what you feel. It's just not the same ;) We have seen your talent with lyrics, use it fully!

Really looking forward to the next album, It's going to be great i'm sure! (and don't forget the violin!! :)