Friday, May 22, 2009


After being quoted in Lantz in Radio P4 today, I'm now a bit more careful with my choice of words here in the blog :)

We've had a great day in Stockholm, with one webb-TV interview, an interview with Metro, a visit to Lantz's radio show and finally an interview with Annika Jankell for her show P4 Premiär next Saturday.
We left Malmö 6.50 this morning, to go to Stockholm for a few days. On Monday we'll celebrate the release of "Grafton Street" with a big Release Party!
Come celebrate with us at "Lilla Hotellbaren", Scandic Malmen, 7 pm.

See us in Nyhetsmorgon on Sunday between 9 and 11.30. Mail in your questions to and win a copy of our new album "Grafton Street".

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