Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The day after

Yesterday's releaseparty at "Lilla Hotellbaren". A crowded house and a great night! Only a little too long for todays early interviews.


Signing records and playing at Bengans, Stockholm.

Malin's new sweetheart. A Gretsch! From -64. What a beauty... meaning the guitarr.

Interview with DN

Tomorrow we are going to Gothenburg to do some radio, newspapers, and a signing at Bengans.


Anonymous said...

Lilja, du bjuder väl på damerna?

Alvaro González-Alorda said...

I was there when they played in Stockhlom!

I recorded a video that I've just posted in my blog: http://bocaoreja.blogspot.com

I hope I will enjoy Calasia in Spain soon. People will love you here!

Looking forward to meeting you again!

All the best!