Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in the studio

Yesterday we started working in Tambourine studios again, together with our producer Per Sunding, and the drummer Bengt Lagerberg. Bengt plays the drums in Cardigans, and we borrowed him to play on our record, since we like his drumming-style very much. It's also important for us to develop our sound, and we wanted to see what he could add to our music. It feels really good so far, and it sounds great.
So that's it then, no more funny drum-videos!

Our days this week look like this:
At 10 am we meet in the studio and after a nice cafe latte we go to the control room to listen through the record of demo songs we’ve recorded during the year.
When we have agreed on what song to work with that day, we go to the recording room to rehears the song. Per listens in the control room, and gives us feedback on what we do. It may take hours before we have worked something out, but finally we have a version worth recording.
At 4.30 pm we call it a day.

So far we have recorded one song, or the background to one. (The singing and other overdubs will be done in a later stage.)
Tomorrow we will start with the recording of a song we worked on today, but didn't have time to record.

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LISA said...

hello calaisa (:
i'm really looking forward to your bland new songs<3
i love Calaisa very much your my best artist indeeeed!