Monday, September 1, 2008


It's 9 pm and an exhausted band is laying half dead in their beds at Radisson hotel in Stockholm.

The weekend was fun but really tiring. We started filming as the sun rose and ended when it set. Between dusk and dawn we drove around in a borrowed Volvo duett from -68, shooting millions of video scenes.

The old car was really beautiful, but the comfort wasn't the best. It was almost as if the tailpipe was inside the car, power steering wasn't invented in the 60s so you really had to work hard in the bends, and the seat belts stuck while you had them on so that you couldn't move an inch (if they worked at all). So by the end of the day we were high on gas fumes, all stiff in the arm muscles and motion sick from the bumpy rides, but then that's the charm with old cars.
I must admit I missed Adde! (see below) :)

This morning we set the alarm on 5 am, again! to take the train to Stockholm where we are staying this whole week to write new music. Today we have been working with Staffan Hellstrand, which led to a song that we are quite satisfied with. We have just listened to the recording we did by the end of the writing session, and it feels really good. Maybe we will record it when we start at Tambourine September 15.
Staffan is very talented and a great songwriter, and the combination Calaisa/Hellstrand felt good. I don't think we ever wrote a song that fast before, one that is also good.

Tomorrow we are going to Lilla Essingen to write songs with Tobias Fröberg. Our expectations are high because we have heard what Tobias has done before. Hopefully we will go home to Malmö with a few more good songs.

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