Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer tour 2008

Malmö Saturday - Kristianstad Monday - Ystad Tuesday - Gothenburg Wednesday - Läckö Friday - and today Svedala.
We're on our compact Swedish Summer Tour 2008! Traveling around in our bus playing different venues and outdoor stages.

We started off with an insanely hot gig at Folkets park” in Malmö. The sun was blazing right on the stage and we were sweating like crazy.

Monday we did a live radio-broadcasted show at the Little square in Kristianstad, guesting the show "Peppar och Salt".

Next stop was "Saltsjöbaden" in Ystad, a Spa-hotel right by the Baltic Sea. Because of the rain earlier that day the majority of us decided to play the concert inside and not on the outdoor stage with a sea view. I was not totally happy with that, but the show went really great and being inside created a really intimate feeling between us and the audience, who by the way was fabulous.

At Lisseberg we played on the "Taube-stage" in front of a huge crowd. Don't think that there was room for one more person in the audience, and it was nice to see that we have so many fans in Gothenburg. We haven’t played there very much, but we will certainly come back!
After the gig we took a ride with “Balder”, the famous, wooden roller coaster. A nice adrenaline kick!

Yesterday we drove to Läckö Castle outside of Lidköpng to play together with Jill Johnsson and Magnus Uggla. It was a beautiful place to play at. The Castle with the huge field in front of it was situated right by “Vänern”. It kind of reminded us of our tour with Simply Red, where we played at Castles all over England.
The rain stopped an hour before we went on stage, so the audience could enjoy the show without getting wet. Good, because a happy audience means a happy Calaisa.

Now we’re on our way to “Svedala Rock”, which will be the last gig of this tour week. It feels good to end it in Skåne, and we know our Skåne-fans wont let us down.

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