Wednesday, June 11, 2008


If it was fantastic in Globen, it was at least just as good in Finland. This time we got all our suitcases, so everyone was happy and could wear their own clothes and shoes! And it felt like we owned the stage. In Globen it was our first time on the square stage with long catwalks in each direction, but in Helsinki we knew the stage well and felt totally home on it. It was again such a great experience to stand in front of 15000 people and play our music. I think we could get used to this!

Celine seemed happy to have us there, and when we got to the hotel there was a HUGE bouquet waiting for us expressing her and her husband's appreciation.

Yesterday we spent the day in Helsinki... a rainy Helsinki. Not the most exiting thing we have done. It was not like we could walk around and get to know the city, so we went to the movies.

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