Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The summer is coming up! Since we are busy working in the studio we will not go on a huge tour all over the place. But we can't help playing some places, one of them is "Läckö slott" together with Magnus Uggla and Jill Jonsson, another one is at the Summer rock in Svedala. For our few but important gigs we are now workning with our sound engineer Peter, at his studio, getting the show together.
It's nice to gather the whole band and develop the live performance, and we're slowly but surely getting used to the in-ear-systems. However our last rehearsal was interrupted suddenly when, in the middle of a song, smoke started to come out from Caisa's bas. It had caught fire, and even though we tried everything, it simply refused to work. Caisa could choose between burning or stop playing. The choice was quite easy. We had some coffee instead.

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