Saturday, May 24, 2008

Calaisa Supporting

Ok... we have to add two gigs to our nice little list this summer, and not any two gigs... The 7th of June Calaisa will be entering the stage in Globen, Stockholm, to support Celine Dion!!!
We found this out yesterday, and couldn't be happier. Only playing in Globen is pretty cool, and doing it on the same stage as Celine Dion is even better.
After the gig we go with her to Helsinki to do a performance there as well.
Looks like this summer can become a really good one. Great gigs, a trip to L.A and a record in the making.


Anonymous said...

Way to go girls! Good luck!

Henrietta said...

Fasiken vad ballt att ni ska vara förband för Celine Dion. Då får jag ju chansen att se både er och Celine Dion ikäväll. Lycka till tjejer!!