Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rufus Wainwright

Went to Ystad tonight to see Rufus Wainwright at the "Ystad Theatre" (which Lisa claims is actually "Ystad Opera", but no one we have asked can confirm that, not even the owner, so the other three of us will keep calling it "Ystad Theatre"). Anyway, the concert was really good and inspiring. It was just he and his piano, and he and his guitar, very simple and intimate.
When he first came out on stage, he looked like any other teenage guy with clogs, a suit-jacket and "pottfrisyr", but when he started to sing he filled the whole theatre, and for an hour he had us all spellbound with his beautiful melodies and classical piano-playing. His voice is so intense and interesting, and it is always nice to listen to people singing their own music. There is a certain nearness in the lyrics, telling us a little about his life and thoughts, and you kind of feel you get to know the artist during the concert.
Hopefully we can go to work tomorrow and write some really good songs after this inspiration boost.

After the concert we had some champagne with Peter Larsson, who books the concerts at the theatre, and got us the tickets for tonight's show. We talked about our possible future gig at Ystad Theatre!
It's us and Rufus ☺

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Mange said...

Hej på er! =)
Jag tror ni kan ha rätt alla fyra, själva stället i Ystad heter Ystads Teater, men det finns något som heter Ystadsoperan som har/har haft sin uppsättning på bl.a Ystads Teatern. Hälsn Mange