Monday, April 14, 2008


We have taken another step towards our second album! Thursday and Friday we spent at Tambourine Studio, to do a test recording of one of our new songs. It's nice, when you have been sitting all by yourselves, writing and arranging songs, to try the new material for real, with an outside producer.

Per Sunding, who produced one of our favourite albums, "Long gone before daylight" with the Cardigans, got to be that producer.
It was so refreshing to work with the songs from another angle, and to get his input on what we do. Per is known for being a good singing coach, and he lived up to that reputation. Everything was very relaxed, and even though you always feel a certain pressure when you stand in front of the recording mike, it was just enough to make you perform a little better.

It feels like Tambourine and Per could be a good alternative for the whole album. We will finish the song next week, and after that we will be able to hear the result.

Today we are on our way to Stockholm to play and have some meetings. Among other things we are meeting with Universal, they have asked us to come up and meet with them. We have a hunch of why, but we wont tell you until tomorrow! It’s probably good news though!

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Anonymous said...

Åhh vad jag är nyfiken på att höra era nya låtar!! längar tills ert nya album kommer ut.

Kramar från Erika