Sunday, April 20, 2008

Report from the writing session

Ha, ha, ha... inviting Maia Sharp to come and write songs with us turned out to be a brilliant idea. It's not often that you find your perfect match personality wise or musical-reference-wise. Maia is both. During the four days she has been hear we have written three really good songs, and recorded them decently on Maisa's little portable equipment. We have also had time to see the best parts of our town, go to a party, eat Sunday brunch, and drink atleast 40 cups of espresso between the 5 of us, a few of them out in the spring-sun.
Tomorrow is our last day together. It’s a bit sad, but working as hard as we have done, kind of consumes your strength, so we could use a few days of.

Yesterday at dinner we started talking about other artists and idols, and found out that we are all crazy about Sheryl Crow, Feist, the Beatles and Imogen Heap and several other musicians. That’s probably the reason why it has been so easy to write songs, we like the same things.

Can’t write more now… need to work, work, work!

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