Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maia is back in LA and we are back to old routines. For five days we worked twenty-four seven with Maia, and when she left it felt like breaking up a relationship :) It's such a shame she lives on the other side of the world, but we will definitely meet again, and write more great songs, in Malmö or LA.

Today we are in Stockholm writing songs with Peter Kvint and Alena Gibson. We started early by taking the train from Malmö at 6.14!, not our favorite time of the day, and when we arrived in Stockholm we went straight to Peter's studio.

A few more songs and seeds for songs are now waiting to be recorded and finished. We have tomorrow to do that before we go back to Skåne.

Tonight we were invited to an event where Marit Bergman played. We went there, had some food and drinks, and saw Marit play for a bunch of totally uninterested people from the music business. They seemed to think it was more important to talk to each other, than to listen to an artist playing live. Why are they even working with music?
We and some other music lovers crowded up around Marit and got a nice little intimate concert.

Now we are going to bed so that we can make some good songs tomorrow.

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DALTON said...

Lite avundsjuk e man ty Marits "Can i keep him" är en riktig höjdare,
särskilt då att höra live.
Men vad förstår sig höjdare om det?