Saturday, March 8, 2008


After recovering from the Melody party, we took to Stockholm to meet with Per Aldeheim and finish our songwriting session with him. Last time we didn't quite have time to do even half good recordings, and we had some verses and bridges to make lyrics to. This time we finished them and recorded them roughly.
While in Stockholm we took the chance to go to two parties and meet some people. We went to the opening of "Bingo live" at Fridhemsplan, and to a fashion show at "Sturegallerian". None of the two events were late nighters, so we were up early every day working with Per.
When we were done we drove back to Malmo. A long trip, that wasn't any shorter when Lisa forgot her laptop at a gas station in Nyköping, and we had to go back like 10 Swedish miles to get it. She had taken it with her when we were buying coffee... just to keep watch on it!
Caisa gave her a hard time, until it turned out, many hours later, that she had forgotten her cell-phone in the returned rental car! She laughs longest who laughs last.


Ambivalens said...

ni skulle vunnit ju

Anonymous said...

Vunnit & vunnit ?

Eftersom jag gillar Calaisa´s musik väldigt mycket tycker jag dom skulle gått vidare, åtminstone. Men med vetskapen vilken musik "svenska folket" väljer så är det skönt att Calaisa inte hamnade bland det klientelet, för Calaisa är något speciellt..

Gert på Dockan