Monday, March 10, 2008

Photo session

Today we did a photo shoot with "Metro hela helgen". The theme was luxury, and the photo studio was "Kungsgatans café", with its beautiful medallion wallpaper and English 18th century furniture. The journalist and photographer had set the table with lobsters, champagne, fruit, chocolate and a HUGE cake. It's obvious that luxury to us is good food and drinks, at least one of the things we find luxurious.


Anna said...

I was were and saw you beeing photografed. It looked marvelous. I´m only sorry that I can´t read metro weekend.

I got the record "melodifestivalen 2008" and your song is one of the best on it.
Anna with the black Kungsgatans cafe

Anonymous said...


Undrar vem/vilken designer som gjort era kläder, men framför allt den helt makalösa fjäder (?) prydda kjolen, ni hade vid ert framträdande under melodifestivalen.

Enormt tacksam för svar. Lycka till med allt, jag och suystra mi hejar på er, har vi gjort sen vi såg er sköna dokmentär på svt.