Monday, February 11, 2008


One of reasons why we went to Gothenburg was to go by Crafton and pick up a new guitar for Malin and a shaker for Anna. The old shaker "fell" to the floor on a gig and all the small balls inside fell out. We tried to collect as many as we could and put them back in, but the shaker was never the same :)
Svante, our friend at Crafton, hade made us coffee, and we had a long chat with him before we drove back to Malmö.
Vilja, the dog, was also in Gothenburg with us, and she was very popular with the guys at Crafton, atleast before she started chewing on the computer cable.

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Anonymous said...

Är ni sponsrade av Meinl eller? Har sett att Anna spelar på en cajun ibland, grymt coolt och sexigt :)