Friday, February 8, 2008


We got the photos from the photo shoot, today. After many hours of discussing back and forth we could all agree on one picture. It is really difficult to find a picture where all four of us like ourselves, so out of hundreds of photos taken, there is often only a couple we can use. But those few are good!

We didn’t get much more done today. Played our Melodifestival song a couple of times, wrote on our Expressen blog, and called it a day.
This weekend we are of to different places. Lisa is going to Halmstad, Anna and Malin to Gothenburg, and Caisa is working on her new apartment. On Monday we are meeting up in Helsingborg to write some songs.


Anonymous said...

spännande! När kommer singeln ut?

Anonymous said...

Kul att ni bloggar så mycket nu!! spännande att följa er. Många kramar från Karin