Monday, June 27, 2011

New Single

After a few trips to Oslo and Gothenburg and some late night work at Tjörn a few weeks ago we finally have it. Our new single!!!

The session in London was great and we love the result, Per Sunding at Tamourine Studios always does something magic with our singing, but it was Olav Fossheim in Oslo/Gothenburg who redid some things, added a few pieces and helped us put together a mix that makes us smile when we hear it. Finally!

The song has recently been released to radio and we keep our fingers crossed that it will play all summer!
Here is a little taste of it, but if you want to hear the whole song you will have to call radio and ask for it :)

1 comment:

Christina Jonsson said...

kanonlåt. Köpte den direkt på itunes :-)