Sunday, May 29, 2011


We just came back from a festival in Cambrai, France, where we played yesterday.
It's amazing that we can travel over 100 Swedish miles south to a country where we can hardly communicate with the people and where we haven't done a proper release with promotion and stuff, and still have a big crowd of fans! It turned out we where the head act of the festival and that big parts of the audience where there mainly to see us.
...and what a crowd! We felt really appreciated and at home, and the festival people took so great care of us. Thanks. We'll be back.


DALTON said...

Kul att höra Calaisaimperiet växt ytterligare :)

Michael and Michèle said...

Well, we saw your show on Saturday night at Cambrai, and even though we had never heard (of) you before.... You sure left us with a great impression of you wonderfull musical talent.
Thanks for great show, which I must recommend to anybody and everbody.
We bought you album, which you signed. I hope you don't mind if we copy it to listen in the car, as we shall wear it out otherwise.