Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Calaisa cooking

Besides music Calaisa have one more big love... Food!
It's probably quite obvious since we always mention food o drinks in our blog posts.
When we work in the studio for longer periods it becomes both boring and bad for us to order in food all the time, so we cook.
During our 3 months in Nashville at an apartment hotel, our 6 months in Tambourine Studios, our many rehearsals and our time in London we have developed into really good chefs, you could also say we have developed a certain style of cooking based on our four different tastes;
Caisa doesn't eat fish but loves spicy food
Lisa doesn't always eat meat, but loves fish
Malin doesn't eat very spicy food, but loves meat
Anna doesn't eat horseradish, but loves seafood
It's a bit of a challenge, but it certainly forces the creativity. Soups and Salads is our main dishes.

(We all have a thing for Halloumi cheese at the moment.)

Last week Malin did what we have all wanted to do since we started to play together. She visited a cooking show. Listen and try her recepie at:

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