Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad updating

Really, really sorry. We've bin so bad at updating the blog lately.
Luckily many of you knew how to seek information elsewhere and found your way to Sölvesborg and Killebomfestivalen yesterday anyway.
It was a great gig in sunshine, and with a great crowd there to see us. A good and inspiring break from the studio, and actually our first official gig in quite awhile, which made it even more uplifting.

Today was our last day in Tambourine studio for now. We didn't reach quite as far as we had hoped, but we will book a few more days and then hopefully be done.
What we have done is all the lead vocals plus backing vocals on some of the songs. Per has some editing to do with the leads before we can sing harmonies to it, so it's probably good that we take a few days off so that he can catch up.

So now things are calm for a little while. Next gig is in Kalmar on July 20th.

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