Monday, February 8, 2010

Back home

We are finally back in Malmö again after a good and productive week in London. The two songs we went there to record are finished and now Thomas is working on the mixes. We listened to the first one this morning and closed it around 5. Everyone is happy and satisfied. Now we are waiting for the second one. It will probably come tonight or tomorrow morning. Very exiting.

Dyre resting before a long night of cutting, going through the recordings and making a rough mix for us.

Nikolaj and Nikolaj recording guitar.

Caisa's new sweetheart, a Fender precision bass from -71 that she bought from Nikolaj's brother. Beautiful!

On our way home the train was canceled and we had to get to another station to catch another train to the airport. We and every else. The underground was crowded with people running around pushing eachother to get in time to whatever. It was hysterical but taxi was not an option during rush hour.
We arrived at Gatwick 10 minutes before the plane was taking off, and check-in had closed. They would NOT let us in.
After cuing for a hour in an line to get tickets for the next flight we were finally at the counter, just to find out that check-in for the last flight to Copenhagen had closed 2 minutes ago and it was now too late to buy tickets.
With some help from people back home we managed to book tickets for a flight next morning at 7.20... from Heathrow!

Stairs... train... more stairs... another train... even more stairs... and another train... taxi to the closest hotel... sleeping for 3 hours... 5.15 wakie wakie... taxi to the ariport... cuing and cuing and cuing... boarding... flying... train again... and taxi.

It's a long way home from London!

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