Monday, November 9, 2009

Perthshire Amber Festival

We had a great time last night. Dogie is such a warm and inviting person, and the whole concert had a special vibe to it thanks to him.
We played "I'm ready for the storm" together with Dogie and his band. Dogie's voice on the second verse was a nice extra dimension and we really enjoyed it. After all he wrote the song and has a special connection to it.
The concert took a strange turn when the pyrotechnic at the end of the show set off the fire alarm and the whole building had to be evacuated.
There we were out in the cold and Calaisa felt the need to save the day, picked up the old busking habit and gave the encore outside, with a cirkle of freezing artists and audience around us. The band from Australia helped us out.

After a nice beer or two in the hotel bar together with the other festival people we went to bed, totally exhausted.

Today we're going back to Sweden, but we feel this was not our last visit to Scotland.

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