Friday, July 10, 2009

Kristianstad and Järvsö

We thought this summer would be a soft one, since we decided to focus more on an autumn tour instead of a summer tour. But it turns out we have quite a lot to do anyway, which is nice.
It’s fantastic to be back on stage with the new songs, and we have so much new energy and inspiration. We have added a few instruments, simplified the arrangements and are now collaborating with the set list.
Yesterday in Kristianstad it felt like we found a great order of the songs. Except for the little power cut in the middle of the first song ☺ the concert felt really good.

Tomorrow we are off to Järvsö, to play at ”Älvdansen”. Järvsö is supposed to be a beautiful place so we look forward to it.

Pictures from Peace & Love, Borlänge

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Ida said...

Järvsö är fantastiskt, jag har släkt därifrån och det är jättefint och mysigt där :)