Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Single release and Video Shoot

We are releasing our first single to radio this week "We sing the same song"!!! Keep your ears open in the car!
A new single calls for a video, and after finding two crazy guys who could do that for us, we shot it yesterday, out in Malmoe's country side.
We did the usual "video preperation", trying to look as good as possible, but that didn't last very long... the whole day was spent in a cold, dirty pond together with spiders and other bugs, and the smell was horrible...

Even though we all agreed on Never Ever doing it again, we had so much fun!


Emelie said...

Haha, såg faktiskt otroligt roligt ut. Vad fina Lisa och Caisa är i lugg också!

Kram Emelie

Calaisafan said...

När kommer videon ni spelade in i Hjärup? Vad heter sången?