Monday, February 16, 2009

New documentary

Today we took the first step towards a new documentary.

Our first and only documentary "Living a dream" tells the story of our lives as musicians, struggling to spread our music and make it in the music business. We had played together for 8 years when we emptied our savings and went to Nashville, to seek a record deal. How that ended is well known by now, at least among you who read this blog.

When Kristina and Richard were finished filming us, we continued documenting everything we did with our little handy cam;
Our summer in Nashville where we recorded the album, supporting Simply Red, Lee Ann Rimes and Celine Dion, a trip to China, touring all over Sweden, "Melodifestivalen", songwriting with Maia Sharp which took us to L.A, and the making of album number 2 in Tambourine Studios.
Hours and hours of filmed material that shows what happened after the fortunate Nashville adventure.
When we signed the contract with Universal we thought that we had a long and successful co-operation with the worlds biggest record company ahead of us, but soon enough we woke up from our dream.
Times are bad for record companies, even for Universal, and now, two years later we find ourselves in a whole different position. We are about to start our own record company, and release the album ourselves. This trip around the world has led us back to where we once started, and we have learned, from our years in this business, to not rely our success on anyone else. We work best for ourselves, we have the musical visions and we know what we want. Plus we get to decide everything!

But to make a documentary out of all this we realized that Calaisa behind and in front of the camera wasn't the way to go, so we called a friend of ours who works with film; Sibel Henriksson and Calaisa worked together last year, making a music video for one of our songs, and we felt she was the right person for the task. So from now on she stands behind the camera, following us everywhere, and eventually you will have the answer to your question: "What happened then?"


Emelie said...

Vad spännande! Jättekul att det blir en dokumentär till!

Charlotte said...

Tjohooo!! Ser jag verkligen fram emot... (jag som inte har en aning om vad ni gjort de senaste åren ;) ) O lycka till med allt arbete! Kramar till Calaisa