Friday, February 6, 2009

After a short trip to Stockholm for a bunch of meetings, we are now back in Skåne to play at the "Mästargalan" in Lund tonight.

This week has been the first official week NOT in the studio, since we were supposed to be finished by now. But we are not, so we keep coming to Tambourine to hang out in the basement in the small studio room with no windows. Our thought is to re-sing some of the songs we are not totally pleased with and edit some small errors, before we move up a level to the big studio again in March.

For all Swedish kids out there. Check out Bobster, last Wednesday's show, when Anna visits "Najs eller Bajs".,a1364151,1,f,102589/pb,a1364150,1,f,102589/pl,v,,1430158/sb,p102589,1,f,-1

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LarsA said...

I have just had the pleasure of listening to you at "Idrottsgalan" in Lund. I have listened to quite a few concerts in Lund, but this was the best since I was at an Emmylou Harris concert in the late seventies. The music, the drive, the feeling was world class, please keep it up!
Lars from Hörby