Monday, November 10, 2008

Working in L.A.

The jet lag is finally starting to give in.
Our second day here we tried to go to a concert at the Baked Potato. We went there a little earlier to get a good table and something to eat, and 1 hour before the band started playing we were so tired we could hardly sit up. After one set we just had to sneak out and drive home.
It's so sad being tired in the evenings, when you travel 9 hours in the other direction you get tired in the mornings, and that's ok because you're used to that anyway, but as a musician you need to function in the evenings.

We played yesterday at the Hotel Café! It was nice to try some of our new songs, and we did pretty good, except for one song;
The stage was so small and we had to squeeze in to fit with all our instruments. During the 3rd song Lisas's mandolin fell on the floor and re-tuned itself. We didn't notice and started to play next song, with mandolin. It sounded a bit strange :)
Other than that it went well, being our first gig ever in L.A.
We have now started to build our fan base here.
Maia Sharp joined us on stage for two of the songs, "You are mine" that she wrote, and "Awakening" that we wrote together. It was even more crowded, but really nice. She is such a great musician and songwriter!

Next Tuesday we have another gig, at Gengis Cohen.

Today we went to Maia's place to have our first songwriting session in L.A. We will work with Maia now for 4 days, and hope it will go just as good as last time. After today we already have one and a half new songs, so it looks like it!

Now the jet lag is starting to kick in... or is it pure exhaustion...

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Anonymous said...


Verkligen kul att se Early Calaisa-videon, ni var och är (på den här blogg-bilden t.ex) verkligen sådär hemvävt söta allihop!

Kanske konstig tid för ett inlägg kan man tycka (04.30 på en tisdag morgon), men fått lite "jet-lag" jag också (!), beroende på en obehaglig upplevelse i helgen.
Punka på ett stort släp med musikutrustning i 90 knutar på motorvägen efter gig... första gången (och sista hoppas jag) det händer efter många 1000-tals mil på vägarna på nätterna. Hemma 07.30 på morgonen efter många om och men... alla helskinnade men omskakade.

Surfar runt lite i cyberspace för att bli sömnig nu... hoppas allt ert arbete med skivan ger utdelning och måååånga nya fans. Ska anmäla mig på er hemsida nu så man får latest news inför kommande lansering etc, ska bli spännande!

Ha de' bäst
/ Danne (AC)

PS. Upptäckte en ny favorit-artist på er sida förresten, KT Tunstall, tack för det, tycker hon är riktigt kanonbra.