Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Frustration and travel-nervousness

It's now only 1 day left before we board the plane that will take us to Los Angeles!
As always everything seems to pile up in the end, and no matter how hard we have worked we still didn't reach everything we had hoped for before the trip.
We had an unrealistic dream of being almost ready with the 10 songs we have started recording at Tambourine. But in the creative process things have to be allowed to take time, and so it does. We have gotten far with the album, but still there is so much more to do before the ultimate result is obtained. Somehow when you feel you are close on something great, you don't want to show it to people before you've finished it.

Anyway, a lot of things had to be done, not only musically, before we went to L.A, and all of them weren't done today when we met at the rehearsal room.
After a fierce discussion about how to deal with things, and who should and who shouldn't do what, we decided to let go and just play. As long as we know the musical part and can do a good concert, the rest will work itself out.
Our aim is to be able to play at least 5 of our new songs on the gig at "Hotel Café" on Sunday, and tomorrow night we will hopefully and probably be totally prepared to go to the US.

Very exiting to go to USA two days after the election! We, like everyone else in the world, are following the results tonight with curiosity.

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Emelie said...

Hoppas att USAresan blir riktigt givande men framförallt att ni har kul! Lycka till och njut av L.A och stämningen efter gårdagens historiska seger!