Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The TV-show that led to a beer that led to Ninii

Early this year we were guests in the talk show ”Robins” in Malmö. After the show we, Robin and some other people from the production, went to Tempo for a beer.
A few beers later Robin mentions that he has a sister, Annika, who designs clothes here in Malmö, and that we should check her out.
That off course fell out of our minds for some time, but then 2 weeks ago we started talking about it again amongst ourselves and decided to check her out. We found out that Annika is a super talanted designer, who makes very cool clothes, so we called her to se if she was interested in working with us.
It turns out she was, so now Calaisa and Ninii is a fact.

We called our friend and great photographer Daniel Andersson, we called Makeup Store, we called Larsson & Lange, and now we have a perfect team for a successful photo shoot. The locations are set, the clothes are tried on and matched together and we’re back at the hairdresser for a freshen-the-hair-up, and tomorrow we shoot.

For the last photo session we went to Dublin, and met the stylist, the makeup-guy and the hair-girl for the first time on the same morning the pictures were being taken. We never tried the clothes on before and we didn’t know any of them.
They did a great job, and it’s nice to have other people book everything for you, in a way, but it’s even more nice to know the people you are going to work with and to have seen the locations and the clothes so that you feel comfortable in it.

We are very much looking forward to tomorrow!

As you might have noticed the old website is down and we’re working on a new one. According to the meeting with Mubito (who does the site) yesterday it could be opened in mid September. In the meantime you will have to stick with the blog, myspace and facebook.
When the new site comes though, it will be fantastic!

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