Thursday, August 7, 2008

Music music music

For the 3:rd time this year we visited beautiful Karlskrona to play at "Sailet" last Friday.
Unfortunately the gig was over way too fast and we had to go back to Malmö and couldn't stay and enjoy the nice coast city, full of happy festival-people drinking beer in the sunset. time...

Tonight Lisa is back from Barcelona and the four of us are meeting at Malin’s place to plan the weekend.
We are going to Gothenburg tomorrow, to attend a big meeting for managers from the whole world, to listen and learn about the worldwide music industry.
Knowledge that can be good to have if you want to be on top of the world :)

In the evening we play in Ängelholm at "Ljusfesten", where we will also shoot some of the scenes for our new video. So people in the audience: dress up nice! :)

Saturday we're back in Gothenburg to enjoy other great artists that are playing at Way out West, like for instance Neil Young, Håkan Hellström and Fleet Foxes.
It's always nice to be entertained!!!

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