Thursday, August 21, 2008

All over again

We are kind of tired of getting our hair done wearing loads of makeup and posing in front of the camera in wind and rain for hours and hours.
It might sound all glamorous and fancy to do a photo shoot, and it is for the first 2 hours, but then when you re-dress for the 7th time and put on some lipstick for the 20th time it's not so much fun any more.

What I'm saying is, yesterday we had to go through the whole process again because the weather was simply too much to handle last time, so we went to Larsson & Lange to get our hair done, we went to Makeup Store to get some makeup on (have you heard this before?) and we stuffed all our things in the car and started driving around to different locations.

First of all we had the locations we couldn't do last time, but then off course, ambitious as we are, we thought we might as well do some more setups while we were at it, so we went to a place where they create the poles for the wind-power stations and took some pictures there. Bengt was kind enough to help us all the time and show us around the place.

At 10 pm we could finally pack up and go home. This time it wasn't with a feeling of dissatisfaction, but rather with a feeling of pride, that we had done a great job.
Hopefully you will see the result in our new website soon.

It has to be mentioned that Anna, on her birthday last week, got a brand new-old car! It’s a red Volvo 740 from -88, and its name is Adde Malmberg, named after its former owner Adde Malmberg.
Adde, meaning the car, is now considered a member of Calaisa, and I guess he will be involved quite a lot in Calaisa’s traveling in the future.


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Volvo 740 är den bästa bilen som byggts, så grattis i efterskott, Anna! Visst, bilen är lite kantig kanske och ser ut som en 80-tals yuppiebil, men din är ju röd och vacker iallafall!