Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good news

We got an e-mail today from a songwriter we like very much, Maia Sharp. She's one of the songwriters who wrote "You are mine" on our last album, and we like her work very much. Our thought was to go to LA, where she lives, and write some songs with her, but it looks hard for us to get a week off to do that. Instead we invited her to Sweden... and now she wrote that she would love to come. Very exiting!

Today, after a quick good morning-coffee at the coffee shop in the corner of "Möllevångstorget", we went to our guitarist Sebbe's place and started to play around with some of our new stuff, in his studio. The result - a cool loop made of mouth sounds, for our latest up-tempo song... Calaisa goes beat box :)

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